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Your Trusted Partner in Crafting Impactful Digital Products.

Digital products can be powerful assets in today's global economy and yet many don't achieve a positive return on investment (ROI).

  • Product Development & Strategy

  • User Adoption & Engagement

  • Measurement & Attribution

  • Technical Challenges

  • Organizational Challenges

  • Market & Competitive Landscape

Key Challenges

The Value of Working with AppValue:

At AppValue, we probe the challenging question of whether a digital product creates enough value to make returns and provide sustainable growth (a lot don't!). 

  • We combine critical thinking and business acumen with expert software design and development.

  • We work with highly effective partners to get the most out of our clients' digital products end-to-end in their lifecycle.

Ultimately our clients leverage our combined expertise to improve product selection and build decisions and/or revitalise an existing digital product to power their businesses.

Targeting the Right Audience & Solving Real Problems

Focus on a clear value proposition that resonates with a well-defined industry or user group and solves a genuine problem.

Maximising User Value and Monetization.

Choose a sustainable monetization strategy that aligns with user needs and the creation of long-term value.

Prioritizing User Experience.

Prioritize an intuitive design and exceptional user experience for maximum adoption and engagement.

Investing in the Future.

Maintain a long-term vision and invest in an ongoing development roadmap and continuous improvement to keep your digital products relevant and successful.

Data-Driven Improvement

Continuously monitor user data and improve your products based on user feedback to maximise returns.

The business value of digital products ultimately depends on how they're designed, developed and used.

Our Industry Partners


What Our Clients Say


Adam Mazzocchetti

CEO, Qorra

Martin was great, his attention to detail, knowledge and skills shown were of the highest caliber. Martin has the easy ability to help you process deeper questions, scenarios and issues you didn't think of. The service Martin provided was nothing short of first class.

Hannah James

Director, Fine and Country

Working with Martin has been a pleasure. He is both knowledgeable and resourceful and great at what he does. I look forward to working on this and many other projects in the future.

Claire Towe

Co-Founder, Meet Margo

Martin helped us navigate the early stage of our app’s development with great dedication and was extremely thorough in understanding our customer pain points in order to provide solutions and ensure we walked away with a app that people would actually use. With Martin came straight talking and honest advice - as a start up we valued this tremendously.

Michael John


AppValue helped us design a fully digitised compliance process for our emergency equipment, which has replaced manual checks and greatly improved efficiency. Their expertise and guidance were invaluable in helping us achieve our goals.

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